Characteristics of the intermodal terminal

Intermodal unit with three straight tracks 650-700m long according to European standards
Electrified tracks root which allows entrance and exit operations with electrical locomotive
Pick-up and delivery with 4 electrified tracks 650-700m long which allows arrivals and departures of trains directly from the terminal with economic benefits and less time spent on manoeuvres and technical and administrative procedures
Over 100,000 mē of surface
Intermodal unit suited for operation of gantry crane

The terminal offers transfer services of cargo units from truck to rail and vice versa. The terminal also offers an empty containers storage service.

The opening hours to the public are as follows:
Monday to Friday from 5.30 to 21.00
Saturday from 6.30 to 12.00


The terminal currently handles 3 pairs of trains per day with destination the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Further connections to France, the Ligurian ports and the South of Italy are under development.

The project maximum capacity, including the gantry cranes and the railway tracks expansion, is estimated at 9 pairs of trains per day with an estimated traffic of 150,000 UTI per year.

A real strength for the intermodal terminal of Mortara is the fact that it is a part of the Mortara Intermodal Logistic Park, an innovative inter-port aimed at integrating intermodal transport generated by the terminal with logistics, meaning with installations for management of goods flows, all strictly respecting the environment.

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